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Lola & Virginia is a Spanish - Basque animated television series released in 2006 by Imira Entertainment. It is currently broadcast on several European channels, including Disney Channel (Spain) & Disney Channel Italy, France 3 , Pop Girl , POP! , ¡Sorpresa! , and was previously shown on Animania HD before it ceased operations in 2009. In Brazil, the show is also aired on SBT . Nickelodeon South East Asia has stopped broadcasting the show, although it was one of the original channels. In the Netherlands the show aired from 2008–2009 on Nickelodeon. On September 9, 2014, the series was headed to Hulu .

Lola is a normal girl whose life is below average. But as if that weren't enough, along comes Virginia Toffen, a stuck-up, bratty, typical rich girl who gets her way all the time. The two eventually become enemies, always fighting to get what they want.

Lola - The show's protagonist. She lives in a working-class family with one baby brother, one baby sister and her mother, and her enemy is Virginia. Her father is never shown. She mainly wears a long red baggy top which is identified as one of the cheapest clothes to wear in the episode "The Uniform" and she is short and chubby with short dark hair and also wears round purple glasses.

Virginia Toffen - The show's antagonist, daughter of a very wealthy and successful toilet paper entrepreneur. Virginia suffers from a symptom where she thinks she is the center of the universe, as revealed in the episode "The Uniform". Her enemy is Lola, and she is used to hanging out with a girl named Beatrice and formerly Leticia. She is a bratty rich girl who always gives her parents a hard time and usually getting what she wants. She is tall and thin with long blonde hair and is usually seen wearing a black leather coat, jeans and black and silver sunglasses.

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